Our mission in the work with gifted preschool children is:

  • early identification and encouraging the development of gifted and talented preschool children within the public institution of  early and preschool education
  • influencing the formation of positive attitudes in a wider community based on the educational need for special care of gifted and talented children
  • organizing a developmental center that would provide different kinds of educational support for teachers, members of expert teams and students in work with giftedness (seminars, workshops, lectures, demonstration classes, joint reflections)

In 1998 we began working on the project “The gifted child in kindergarten” that included:

  • Educational seminars for preschool teachers and a team of experts
  • Raising teachers’ awareness and recognizing of gifted children
  • Applying multidimensional model of identification
  • Providing necessary resources for the project implementation
  • Designing and implementing differentiated and enriched programs within regular programs
  • Project evaluation

The project was held under the supervision of Jasna Cvetković Lay, ECHA specialist in gifted education and an expert in the field of early gifted children’s education.

One of the results while working on the project was initiating specialized program for potentially gifted and talented children in 2001. The goal of this program is to encourage special interest and the holistic developmental potential of children through activities that would enhance active learning, higher levels of thinking processes and creative expression. The program was verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport in the Republic of Croatia. The program is being implemented by preschool teachers and expert associates within two groups that have 12 children enrolled in kindergarten “Mimoza” (once a week for two hours).

Our experiences have been presented in the following books and brochures:

  • “The gifted child in kindergarten”, by Kindergarten “Mediterranean Flower “, Split 2000
  • Participation in the International conference using the presentation – “Experiences in working with potentially gifted children and a headmaster’s role in the realization of the project ”Gifted child in kindergarten””. Rovinj, National Networks for Gifted Children, p. 17-20., M. Bakotić, 2000
  • Publishing a book with the experiences: A poetic experience in artistic and creative play, Golden marketing, E. Kišević, R. Sunajko and others, 2006
  • Publishing a book with the experiences: Let’s play early man, Školska knjiga, T. Luketa, 2010