Cvit Mediterana

Every institution in its core is a product of reflection and interaction of its members. In this sense, developmental vision of our institution is focused on understanding a child and preschool teacher’s role in the child’s experience; changing and adapting child’s and teacher’s working strategies in order to make the right choices about the best ways of implementing the development, education and learning for each child.

The development of an institution should be based on accepting and up keeping with the changes that are in harmony with children’s needs, and these of parents and a community.

For many years now, kindergarten “Cvit Mediterana” (“Mediterranean Flower”) has been performing tasks that help us to reach our goals:

  1. Planning and programming work in the kindergarten
  2. Teaching styles and compatibility of educational influences
  3. Partnership with parents and different ways of working with parents
  4. Education – self-improvement
  5. Raising awareness about the importance of healthy diet for children, parents and preschool teachers
  6. Implementation of the Theory of choice in educational work with children
  7. Micro and macro organization (institutional context)
  8. Safety protection programs of prevention (continual  work)
  9. Analysis of the institutional needs based on new national pedagogy standards
  • Inclusion of children with special needs
  • Work with giftedness
  • Pluralism of pedagogical ideas (concepts, socialized program)